Konsum Technologies, Inc. seeks to change the way people work and how businesses operate by providing manpower- and business-enabling solutions that drive innovation, deliver value and improve operations.

Ashima is a comprehensive Human Resource Information System (HRIS) or Human Resource Management System (HRMS) that enables and empowers business owners, Human Resource personnel and employees alike.

Ashima is composed of employee on boarding and benefits management (Workforce), payroll processing and management (Paycheck), work schedule management (Shifts), timekeeping (Hours), a centralized information panel (Dashboard), an Employee Self Service Portal and much more.

We are constantly expanding Ashima to include an enterprise communication and collaboration tool and a simplified version of our payroll system in the near future. It’s our way of evolving to the ever-changing needs of modern businesses – big or small.


Dynamic system-of-record that allows you to on board employees and manage employee information throughout their tenure.


From unlimited Pay Runs straight to online bank transfer for truly paperless payroll.


Makes complicated shifts (regular, night and split shifts) easy to set up, manage and update.


Multiple timekeeping options allow for no-hassle hours tracking and payroll processing.

Employee Portal

Self service portal to view and manage employee information, apply for Overtime/Leaves/Loans and etc.


Notifications and Alerts help you stay on top of workforce and payroll activities.