Our company, Konsum Technologies, Inc., is an active participant in the Department of Education¹s Internet Connectivity Project (DICP).

The DepEd Internet Connectivity Project (DICP) is a project launched May 15, 2009 by the Department of Education which aims to connect all Philippine public high schools to the Internet. It will soon be extended to include grade schools.

Our approach differs from other internet service providers participating in the DICP primarily in two ways: First, we seek out and target the farthest flung schools, those otherwise overlooked and un-served by the other DICP internet providers because they are too difficult and costly to serve.

These areas are where the most disadvantaged students can be found, in digital divide terms and almost all other ways.

Second, we provide more than connectivity. We have established our own virtual private network for the DICP project, in order for us to provide content and applications on an on-net, local basis to the schools we serve.