Konsum offers three platforms specifically targeted for the hotel and restaurant industry – the Konsum Hotel Reservation System, the Restaurant Reservation System and the Restaurant Inventory System.

The Konsum Hotel and Restaurant Reservation Systems are built specifically for small to medium sized hotels, resorts and restaurants. Both systems allow your customers to make online reservations and payments while you manage your hotel or restaurant bookings and reservations based on real-time availability of rooms and tables.

But it’s more than that.

It’s two comprehensive hotel and restaurant management systems that allow you to create your own settings from reservation to how you treat booking cancellations, track housekeeping tasks, determine rates for peak and non-peak seasons, create and post your menu, set waiting lists for tables and much more!

The Hotel Reservation System works perfectly with your existing and expanded sales channels such as Agoda and for seamless booking and processing.

Please contact us if you’re interested in trying out the Konsum Hotel Reservation System, the Restaurant Reservation System or the Restaurant Inventory System.

Offline Bookings

Handle walk-in and over-the-phone customers through offline booking and instantly see reservations, open tables and other relevant information.

Cancellation and Modification

Allows you to create charges for any cancellation or modifications on bookings and reservations.

Reservation and Payment Settings

Select reservation option whether to accept fee for reservations or not and make payments through PayPal, Credit Card and G-Cash.


Using Cloud technology allows you to access the systems from anywhere and at anytime.

Dynamic Hotel Rate Manager

You will be able to define your own rate plan at different dates. Optionally make your rates tax inclusive.

Room and Table Blocking

You will be able to block tables or rooms in the system from online booking for complimentary use or maintenance purposes.

Learn more about the Konsum Hotel and Restaurant Reservation System or to test-drive the system for a trial today.

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