Konsum Tech's Financial Applications Software is a browser-based solution combining end-to-end processes, work flows and technology for Loans, Deposits, and Accounting Systems, with banks, finance and lending companies, as well as credit unions. With KonsumTech's Financial Application, clients have the option of managing their software either via Cloud-Based access, delivering Software as a Service (SaaS) applications anytime and anywhere; or through Intranet-Based access deployed locally on site.


Konsum Tech’s Power and Water Utilities Billing and Collection Software ensures quick and easy deployment of our modular and compliant account management, meter reading, billing, collections and debt management solutions designed for Electricity and Water Utility companies and Cooperatives either via the cloud (Software-as-a-Service) or locally (intranet-based).

Lending Software

Designed for banks, lending institutions, credit unions, and cooperative.

CA/SA Software

Designed for small-to-medium scale retail banks.

Billing and Collections Software

For Electricity and Water Utility Companies and Cooperatives